The Scorch Trials – James Dashner


“If I can tell you anything today, it is that you should never, ever believe your eyes. Not in the maze!”

Cracking the maze was supposed to be the end! Thomas, Minho, Newt and the other Gladers were not supposed to end up in another maze or puzzle. But, they did… They are thrown into the chaos of Scorch where people suffering from the Sunflare reside. Will they be able to survive or will they end up losing everything? Even their lives…?

After reading the Maze Runner, the standards were very high for the second installment. Fortunately, the book did not let me down. It was as mystifying, as gripping, and as awesome as the first part. Maybe even more. The plot of the book was great. Different themes were triggered in this novel.

Where the first novel emphasized on the lurking dangers in the Maze, and the not – so – romantic attachment of Teresa and Thomas, the second book was more inclined towards tracing the growing friendship of Thomas, Newt and Minho and the pathetic conditions of the cranks in the outside world.

The book was 359 pages which are horrifying yet hauntingly beautiful. The continuous fast pace of the novel makes it very hard to keep the book aside for even a few minutes. The book was an extreme page turner which kept my heart pounding at an abnormal pace.

The personality of the characters evolved throughout the novel. Also, introduction to certain new characters makes the readers more engrossed in deciphering their roles in the trials and judging their personality.

The setting of the novel was far more horrifying than the first one. Whilst you read the book, you can legit feel the scorching heat of the sun. This book was a great sequel to the amazing Maze Runner.

In a nutshell, the book is definitely worth a read and if you are a fan of twists and turns, I advise you to fasten your seatbelts, clutch your hand rests and get ready for one hell of a ride with betrayal, mystery, and fights. Will our heroes be able to survive? Well, it’s the second installment.

“It’s time for things to get difficult.”


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