7 Deadly Sins

Hola Amigos! I’m Pride at your service,
I mostly prefer to ride above the surface.
Some call me vain, but they are just hating.
If I say so myself, I’m pretty darn amazing!

I love to drive a wedge between your relations.
I’m a result of your very own creations.
The Nazi Attacks and the Jews Homicide,
Were a wreck crafted by me, Pride!

Whenever you succeed, you’ll feel me there,
Your body, your soul, is my personal lair.
I’m the best yet the deadliest of all the sins.
And that’s why they put me above all my kins.

Heard of the 7 Deadly Sins? Well, I’m one of them!
Feeding off your soul and stirring mayhem.
Try to enlist the 7 Deadly Sins, hon.
Cause congratulations! You’ve just met sin number one.

Hello there! I’m Greed
I’m everything that you’ll ever need.
Take this, that and everything you can clasp,
A few extreme decisions and the world is in your grasp.

Steering civilization since the dawn of the times,
I’m the reason behind most of humanity’s crimes.
Whether it is murder or thievery,
I’m always behind it, at least in theory.

You never think before making deals with the Devil,
You turn a blind eye to all the future perils.
Just so you can have more of what was never yours,
You foolish little amateurs!

Alas! You forgot I’m never satisfied.
But hey, at least you tried.
With me on your side, think of all you could pursue,
Because Ciao honey! I’m Sin number two…

Lust – the seductive diva is here.
I’m someone you don’t have to fear.
I’m the one who ignites passion’s flame.
Out of all the sins, I’m the one you insanely crave.

“That red dress looks so hot on that girl.”
“I just want to be able to afford that pearl!”
Whether it is the lust for sex, money or power,
I’m not something you can scrub off with a shower.

Quite and serene, I stay inside your vessel,
Burning bright like a red hot kettle.
The moment I come to the surface,
Your mind and actions are filled with haze.

I prevent you from being able to think straight,
With me holding the reigns, there’s no room for hate.
Just passionate, raw and sinful affection,
At times, paving way for rough aggression.

You know I’ve got a bad reputation,
But it doesn’t matter, because I give you temptation.
No matter how hard you try, there’s no escaping me,
Because darling, I’m the seductive sin number three.

You’ve met three of my brothers, I see.
I think it’s about time, you met me.
Hey there! I’m Envy, the green little fellow.
Come on! Don’t be shy, say hello.

The grass always looks greener on someone else’s side,
Jealousy – You’ve known it since the day you were alive
You want that because they have it too.
And you think you deserve it, more than they do.

You always try to deny my existence.
But hey, I’m well known for my persistence.
I’m never expressed freely to another soul,
And that’s the magic of sin number four.

My chance to introduce myself, yet?
Hey! I’m Gluttony and I love cigarettes!
Or maybe alcohol or drugs, or maybe just food,
You have something to eat in there, Dude?

Let me just finish this bite in my mouth.
And then we can continue on our route.
I’m every human’s desire to eat,
I’m the reason you feel the constant need to feed.

Your body is fat? Well, that’s my gift,
Don’t bother to climb the stairs, use a lift.
I’m present all over your body, sweetheart.
It’s almost impossible to erase me from every part.

I make you crave everything you consume,
I make you plump like an air-filled balloon.
After all, without food, how would you even survive?
And that’s why I’m here to stay as Sin number five…

Wrath is my good old name,
Come on child, let’s play a game!
Let me stay inside you for a while.
Together, let’s cover a distance of a mile.

All that red hot pent up rage,
It needs an outlet to come out of its cage.
Whenever I’m on the rise,
You can see the fire burning in your eyes.

The havoc you can create with me by your side,
It is too much to sometimes just let slide.
When I fade, all that’s left are despair and regret,
But only till the time, I find my next target.

Slap, kick, punch or even kill,
See everything you worked for, tumble down the hill.
Throw some sharp words in the physical mix,
And Viola, you’ve got yourself, sin number six.

Hey, I’m Sloth, the youngest of my siblings,
But don’t underestimate me, it hurts my feelings.
Some of you know me as lazy,
I don’t really move much, maybe…

I stay inside you and contaminate you from there,
I change your attitude to that of ‘Devil-May-Care’.
When I’m at the helm, nothing gets done,
But hey, that’s just the start of the fun.

You think with me, you can hold the ball?
Yes, I’m the slowest of them all!
But still, don’t be tricked,
It’s not easy to get me kicked!

You easily make me your habit,
Then I become the carrot for your rabbit.
Nothing much that comes from me can be forgiven!
Fear me, humans! I’m Sin number seven.

So, this is the family of sins,
Beware, or else you might just give us an easy win.
Come on! Let’s make this a fair fight,
Come at us, with all your might!

You need to fight us to secure a seat in heaven,
Now you know why they call us the deadly seven?
Lest you learn to control how much of us you crave,
Good Luck Amigo! Digging your own grave.

Shreya Vijay


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