The Tragic Tale of Teddy Woven – Peter Gray

“I received this book as an ARC and I’m giving an honest review.”

Fostering a sense of darkness, the mansion of Theodore ‘Teddy’ Woven, was yet, a sight to behold. With magnificent gardens outlining his property and a majestic view of surrounding sea cliffs, residing in this mansion would be a dream come true. Sela, a gardener, was assigned to take care of the gardens of the Woven Mansion. Despite a plethora of warnings, she indulges in a romantic relationship with the eerie Teddy. When the darkness shrouding his last comes alive, there is nothing that could save their romance. Or is there?

The Tragic Tale of Teddy Woven is a compelling Paranormal Romance novel outlining the life of a 34-year-old guy residing in a gigantic mansion, troubled by the ghosts of his past. It is a very well threaded thriller which makes it very difficult to put it down. Honest to god, I finished reading the novel in mere two settings.

Starting with the cover of the book, it’s elegant, classy and mysterious and justifies the theme of the book down to the point. The title is unique and practically tailor made for the book. It is a quick read which just touches the mark of 300 pages.

From the very beginning, the setting of the novel started building up. There were instances which were really eerie and set the tone for the rest of the story. The author eases the reader into the story and doesn’t really throw anything the reader’s way.

The book maintained a steady pace in the beginning. However, close to the climax, the pace shifts and becomes really fast. The plot was riveting and filled with suspense. The writing style of the author was easy to comprehend enthralling enough to keep the reader hooked. The story line was really unique and managed to keep me enthralled. The story is so well woven and the author’s words practically come to life.

Coming to the characters, this was a book which legit had just 2 characters & it DID NOT NEED MORE. I think I need to admit that both the characters were descriptively penned. They had a connection to reality and hence, I found myself to be pretty happy with the character building.

Lastly, I would recommend this book for EVERYONE because with October coming up, this book will be the perfect addition to your TBR lists and will give you just the right amount of spook.


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