The Vimana Transcripts – Vadhan


TITLE : Vimana Transcripts

AUTHOR : Vadhan

PUBLISHER : Treehouse Publishing

PUBLISHING DATE : November 8, 2021


GENRE : Mythological Fiction

β€œThanks to the author for providing a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

A tantalizing atmosphere, with gripping narrative and exuberant diction.

Vimana Transcripts is a work of Mythological Fiction that is certain to keep the readers bouncing on the edge of their seats. The fascinating cast of characters entwined with the biggest of the mysteries buried on the Indian subcontinent had me flipping the pages of this book in turbo mode. The story hooked me from the get go and only became better with each chapter.

The execution was phenomenal and the third person narration was perfect to add the depth and mystique that the book demanded. Full disclosure, I’ve always been obsessed with the mysteries of the Padmanabhaswamy temple and that became the sole reason why I prioritized reading this book. The finesse with which the author has woven different aspects of the tale together is commendable and pretty rare in such a genre.

Very occasionally do I read books in a single sitting, especially one that surpass the 200-page mark. But, Vimana Transcripts was a pleasant aberration. The challenges and hurdles faced by our protagonists are so visceral that it is easy to forget it is hinting at some real-life theories. The author has expertly blended mythological and philosophical details into the story, creating a vivid and engrossing tale that is both educational and speculative.

I would recommend this book for fans of Mythological Fiction and AgniBaan in particular.

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