Motivation is a key feature of everyone’s life. Deprived of motivation, we are just lifeless folks walking the face of Earth. To get anything done in life, you have to be motivated enough to do it. Hence, to keep your spirits soaring high, I present you with 4 daily activities to engage in to keep yourself motivated.

  1. Engage in Positive Self Talk

Start your day with positive self-talk. We all have conversations with ourselves in our head. What kind of talk we engage in, highly determines our mood and productivity level for the day. Simmer down on the negative self-talk and try to see the positive side of the picture.

  1. Set your goals and reward yourself

Setting your goals, assist you in becoming focused on your ambitions. Once you’ve done something commendable, give yourself some credit. Everyone likes appreciation and recognition. That is the point. Appreciate yourself. Know your worth. Once you achieve your goals, give yourself a pat on the back. Tell yourself, ‘I am proud of you for accomplishing this task.’

  1. Take a break and keep calm

Once you have reached your set of targets, relax. Take a break. Sit back and analyze yourself. Pay heed to the hindrances you faced in your journey and strategize for the hurdles you are likely to face in the future. If you are unable to achieve anything, again, relax. Take a sip of water and contemplate the alternative courses which you can take now. Don’t be too strict with yourself.

  1. Surround yourself with Positive People

Positivity is an aura. Once you are surrounded by people who are positive and constantly motivated, you can physically feel the upliftment it gives your soul. Choose your friends very judiciously as it is they who play a substantial role in your motivation.

No task is a cake walk! What you need to do is, make a plan, organize and work relentlessly towards achieving whatever you aspire. The key is to keep yourself motivated. And Voila… You have found this tiny secret to achieve everything you aspire.

Shreya Vijay


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