To Begin With

by Shreya Vijay

Untethered electricity coursed through their veins,
Every time one touched them, it came ferociously ablaze.
The sweetest lies and the harshest truths dripped from their rosy-red lips,
The current waves electrocuting their victim, right into the apocalypse.
There’s something wild in their eyes; untamed yet unfazed,
One felt it come to the surface, every single time they held their gaze.
Strapping on a blank face for the perusal by the world,
When they were alone, they let their black wings unfurl.
They put on masks upon masks, just so they could hide their own,
For when it came to acknowledging their true self, they were figuratively blown.
There are things we never notice about people; things they keep clandestine,
Things that scarcely come to light, lest they themselves wish to confide.
Funny, how we think we know the people we’re surrounded by; it’s actually a myth.
For more often than not, we don’t even know our own self to begin with.


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