Twilight – Stephenie Meyer


“Twilight, again. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end.”

When seventeen-year-old Isabella (preferably Bella) Swan leaves sunny Arizona to live with her father in the small and gloomy town of Forks she doesn’t actually expect to like it there.  Beginning at her new school, Bella soon makes some new friends but when she sets her eyes on a boy called Edward Cullen sitting with his brothers and sisters in the cafeteria she is instantly intrigued.  Edward is stunningly attractive and almost inhumanly gorgeous but initially hates Bella.

Bella slowly and gradually falls for Edward. But their relationship is bound to be more than just difficult due to Edward being the cold-blooded, blood-sucking vampire. When a few other malevolent vampires are thrown into the story, the readers are plunged into a war. A war from which, coming alive is next to impossible. With the help of her vampire boyfriend, Bella might make it out alive… But probably, just barely…

Twilight is basically the love story of Bella & Edward (at least for two-thirds part of the book). It has a slow pace and the characters build gradually. The story forms step by step and the author does not force any scene onto the readers. It is a Young Adult novel but is able to fascinate both, teenagers and adults alike.

It is written in the first person from the perspective of Bella. So we see the view of things from Bella’s point of view which manages to keep the mystery of the Cullen family intact until the latter part of the novel.

It is well – written vampire novella with just the right amount of swoon and action. The tension during the last part of the book is cleverly worded and some threads are left lose to form the basis of the future installments of the saga.

Coming to the characters, our female protagonist Bella is shy, introvert and ‘irrevocably’ in love with Edward. She can be stubborn when she wants to be. But, I did like the character of Bella (at least in this novel). The only criticism I have is that once Bella had her boyfriend, she neglected all her friends. Like okay… You have a too – good – to – be – true boyfriend but you cannot just ignore the existence of your friends. I actually hated this thing!

Edward – our vampire sweetheart – is the male protagonist and an absolute gentleman. The character of Edward was penned as a vampire who is in love with a human and has a weird fetish of watching her sleep (creepy much?). But oh well… He was still a beautiful vampire who managed to steal the heart of Bella. However, he managed to break the hearts of thousand other teen girls… (Am I right girls?) His character is still kept in the dark and not everything about him is revealed just yet.

The secondary characters – The Cullen family, Charlie Swan, Jacob Black and the other friends of Bella – develop in the upcoming novels and in the first episode, we are just given a sketchy idea about these characters.

The writing of the author is so subtle yet descriptive that you can almost feel yourself inhaling the damp air of Forks and hearing the rain pelting against the roof. You are sucked into the book so much that you can feel yourself standing amidst the rubble, trying to fight your way just to return alive.

I would recommend the Twilight series for the people who are looking for some fresh Romeo – Juliet romance with a touch of fantasy. Teenagers, which are high school students are free to read the book but I would not recommend it to anyone below them, keeping in mind the content of the future installments.

With that said, Twilight is a great but dark read. Once started, you won’t be able to put it down. So, if you are reading this book, be ready to be sucked into the very depths of the book and this one vampire might just capture your heart…

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