Twin Brother

This is a rhyme which is completely true,
Yes, my dear brother, it is all about you!
Let’s start from the day we met,
Hold your breath & let’s go ahead.

That blue eyed doofus I met in the bus,
Whose association with a particular girl, created a fuss.
Initially I hated you more than my words can say,
But oh lord! Universe seemed to have a different play.

Cause one day I tied that Rakhi on your wrist,
Time for this plot to take a new twist.
That little ‘congrats’ message turned to miles long chats,
Who knew 2 strangers will grow close to become such brats!

Fate made you my brother,
From another Mother.
It was then I saw your actual hue,
Which made me understand not everything I see is true.

Having your own twin brother in school has its perks,
Cause he is the one who beats up those jerks,
Who dare to mess with his little sister,
This brings out his inner trickster.

“Why do you look so sad, Hermana?”
“Nothing bro, just the daily dose of drama…”
After listening to my sob story, you turned on your hulk mode,
Cause defending your sis is an essential part of the Twins-code!

Now comes our endless list of memories,
Set aside all thoughts and focus please.
How do I arrange these alphabets so that the words are enough,
Oh Jesus! It is so damn tough!

Do you remember us skipping that 4th slot class?
Patrolling the corridors like walking on glass.
“But Hermano, what if we get caught?”
“Chillax Sis! Just tell me why the hell not?”

Recording my ringtone,
Stepping out of your comfort zone!
Keeping that smile on my face,
Even if it meant you had to tie my show lace!

“And why should I do this Hermano?”
“Why!? Because I said so!”
“Sis, don’t ever try to contact me again!”
A day later, you are like “No texts? Have you lost your brain?”

Pushing me to handle things my own way,
“I won’t be there every time.” You used to say.
But do you see the irony here?
Wait, you do know the meaning of ‘irony’, right dear?

Anyways, you helped me find my way through every maze,
You fulfilled your promise and duty of being there, ‘Always’
Not that you had any other option,
Try leaving me bro, I will make sure you end up in adoption!

From sharing every detail of our day,
To sharing every statement, we now say!
Thanks to that Aunty who called us Twins,
It has been like that, ever since!

From being 2 mere strangers,
To becoming twins who are the definition of dangerous!
It has been one hell of a ride,
It was even funnier cause I had my Twin brother by my side!

I can’t even imagine if things took a different turn,
Even thinking about it, makes my stomach churn!
No matter what those jealous people have to say,
My verdict is as clear as the day!

I can’t promise to stay by your side forever,
Cause life is quite uncertain as ever!
But, I can promise you my support and love,
Until I get a call from that guy up above!

I will stay by your side for a long time,
Your twin sis will always be your partner in crime.
Saying this one sentence always makes my proud heart flutter,
“You see that guy? He is my Twin Brother!”

Shreya Vijay


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