Uncurled Emotions – Varun K. Sharma

I received this book as an ARC and I’m giving an honest review.”

Poetry – my most favourite genre to read. Poetry is the one of the very few things that bring peace to a disturbed soul. Reading poetry is like losing yourself in a plethora of emotions and transporting yourself to a surreal world.

Uncurled Emotions is a compilation of poems from an entangled mind . It contains beautifully penned poems by an up and coming poet – Varun K. Sharma. The poems contained in this book are substantially different from one another which make this book really fun to read. The themes which the poet has covered via his poems are truly vast and every single poem was worth reading.

The title of the book is really good and just looking at it, you can predict that it is a poetry book. The cover page has a beautiful blue rose printed on it and honestly, I am glad that this beautiful cover could be a part of my collection. The poems in this book are really soothing and once you start reading them, there is no way you are stopping.

There are some poems which made me stop for a while and ponder upon their actual meaning before moving on to the next poem in the list. I think this was one of the most beautiful aspects of the poems. Out of all the poems, my favourite ones were A Raging Fire and Shades of Woman. They were two poems which I read more than 3 times because I loved them so much.

However, there was one tiny flaw in the book. I found a few grammatical and editing errors but they aren’t really glaring. So, it is quite okay. Other than that, the deep insight of the poet is truly commendable and the poems can be enjoyed by people from all walks and all phases of life. I would recommend this book to all the poetry lovers out there. 


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